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View wildlife up close on a Sightseeing Tour : dolphins, bald eagles, hawks, egrets, pelicans, osprey, manatees and other marine life and birds


Guided Intracoastal Waterway Sightseeing Tour: $175/hr. 2hr minimum

Enjoy the clear, turquoise Intracoastal Waterway soaking in the views of breathtaking sights and attractions. Cruise in comfort.  The waters are calm, the breezes refreshing – it’s a fun tour for all ages. You will learn of interesting bits of information on your fully-narrated sightseeing tour.  The excursion will take you past fascinating landmarks like exquisite, historic neighborhoods and see impressive homes and estates, mega-yachts all from the comfort of your personal watercraft. In full panoramic view, you will be absorbed in the natural scenery and frequent encounters with the spectacular wildlife habitats to sub-tropical manatees, dolphins, turtles, ibises, ospreys, egrets, blue herons and pelicans. Make sure to bring your camera as this will be a day you’ll want to share in pictures.  Even if you have lived in the area your entire life, you will thoroughly enjoy this personal tour and learn so much about the area.

Guided Dolphin Sightseeing Tour: $175/hr. 2hr minimum


All hands aboard for the Dolphin Tour!  Guided Dolphin tours allow everyone on board to sit back, relax and take in all that the beautiful water expanses of South West Florida offers. One of the wonders of nature that you’ll see firsthand is the large population of Bottle-nosed Dolphins.

Although it is not the only Dolphin species that may be seen it is the most common, this particular specie grows between 6 to 12 feet in length and can consume up to 20 pounds of fish per day.  Although it is illegal to feed them some their favorite snacks include Mullet, Sheepshead, Pinfish, Flounder and other invertebrates. The dolphin in the photo was playfully following behind the boat, so keep your eyes peeled and your cameras ready as these Dolphins travel both inshore and offshore and may be seen at any moment, time or place.

* Maximum 6 Person Capacity    Please call us at 941-525-8155 for more details and availability.

Cabbage Key Sightseeing Tours

Cabbage Key and Restaurant/ Sightseeing Tour: $175/hr. 4hr minimum

Cabbage Key sits in the intercostal waters of Pine Island Sound south of Englewood, Florida. This one hundred acre under-developed island paradise can only be reached by boat or seaplane and has no cars, paved roads, swimming pools, tennis courts or golf courses on it. What it has and is famous for is natural and native Floridian beauty. This is due to an abundance of lush tropical vegetation including Cabbage Palms from where it got its’ name. The overall feel of the island is that of rustic “Old Florida”.


* Maximum 6 Person Capacity    Please call us at 941-525-8155 for more details and availability.


Palm Island and Rum Bar Restaurant/ Sightseeing Tour: $175/hr. 2hr minimum

Sightseeing Tour

Palm Island is just off shore from mainland Florida. However, this short distance will transcend the mind and spirit to a location far removed from the normal mind set of everyday activities. No crowds, no noise, just quiet, tranquil surroundings await you. While here, you should make every effort to experience the charm and cuisine of Rum Bay Restaurant. Rum Bay is located within the vaunted Palm Island Resort. Rum Bay Restaurant’s claim to fame is their special and secret Swamp Sauce baby back ribs. These one-of-a-kind ribs have won numerous regional awards. They also offer fresh seafood entrées as well as gourmet hamburgers. This tropical island-style and family oriented restaurant offers a full service bar to wet the whistle for all guests of all ages.

* Maximum 6 Person Capacity    Please call us at 941-525-8155 for more details and availability.