Dive Charters Pics


5/19/16: Little Spearfishing today!

4/14/16: Pool is open!. Beautiful day in sunny South West Florida. First dive in the Venice Boneyard, Viz 4-8′ in 25′. Water temp 74 on surface 68 on the bottom.



9/21/14: Venice Boneyard Fossil Dive: Another successful day of fossil hunting for Megalodon Teeth in the Venice Boneyard!. Water temp: 85, Vis: 2-6′ @28′ ..

6/8/14: Just another gorgeous day hunting for prehistoric fossilized shark teeth in the “shark tooth capital of the world”. Btw. Vis is 8-10′ in 27-30′..

 6/7/14: Water is warm (83) and seas are calm.. looks like a good day to be divin’ the Boneyard in sunny Venice Fl. Happy hunting!

2/6/14: Beautiful Boneyard weather! Water temp 64. Vis 10′ in 25′. Doesn’t get much better than this.


12/26/13: Q: What do you get when you combine fun divers, 66 degree water, and 1′ or less seas in the Venice Boneyard?
A: A fun and exciting day with Man Overboard Charters!

10/25/13: Today’s Viz in the Venice Boneyard is 8-15′ in 20′-30′. Temp 77 seas 1-2′. Had a few megs on the boat among some other cool fossils.. Enjoy you fri!

10/16/13: Some of todays finds.. viz 15’+ in 20-28′.. temp 81 on surface.. 78 on the bottom.. gettin ready to bust out the wetsuits.. A little foggy this am..

10/4/13: Only dive boat in the Boneyard today! Had it all to ourselves! Everyone found a meg!!

9/29/13: Sweet find Christina! 4.75″ very nice upper Meg! Viz today is 10-15′ in 25′ Water temp 80, and a 1st time fossil diver finds a sweet covered 2.5″ whole meg!! Man did we have some good finds on the boat today!

9/7/13: Todays surface and sea conditions were identical to yesterday’s. Vis on the other hand was down a little. 10-15 in 22-25′ and 15’+ in 30′.. Todays divers have caught the Shark Tooth Bug!!!!!

9/6/13: The Boneyards First captured Lionfish.

8/31/13: Some happy campers from California and North florida found what they were lookin for!

8/13/13: You were due Steve! Nice 2.5″ intact fully serrated chocolate meg..

8/3/13: First time fossil hunter Mike Bean with a beautiful 3.25″ Meg!!!! Viz 10′ +…..

7/21/13: Another Day in the Boneyard…. I think todays divers have a fever, and the only cure is a little more shark teeth.. seas 1′ temp 84 viz in 18′ 6-8′ viz in 31′ 15-20′ Some teeth and someone got a nice ol’ blown up 50 cal!..

7/20/13: I’d say these divers have Shark Tooth Fever Baby!!!! Good day..

7/17/13: Fossil Dive/ Reef combo Dive..

6/11/13:  Mowhawk Wreck Dive 60′ to the deck 100′ to sea floor. Viz: 40-50′ Temp at depth: 75

5/26/13:  Boneyard gave up some cool finds today!

5/25/13: Heading back in with some treasures.. Viz 10′ in 16-29′ temp 81 Nice one Roberto! First meg of the day.

4/22/13: Beautiful day on the water today! Flat calm and clear water..

4/21/13: We sure pull in a crowd when we return to the dock.. I guess everyone loves shark teeth! What do ya know? More bone and teeth shaped rocks….


9/8/12: Nice 3-3/4″ meg!!!! These guys rocked it out there today..