Dive Charters


Wreck Diving

Dive Charter Rates:

#1) Boneyard Fossil Dive 30′ or less   $275/Hr. 6Hr. Minimum

#2) Spearfishing   60′ or less   $275/Hr. 6Hr. Minimum

#3) Ledges, Reef, Wreck   60′ or less   $275/Hr. 6Hr. Minimum

#4) Spearfishing Ledges, Reef, Wreck   60′-100′   $275/Hr. 8Hr.          Minimum


Things To Know:

* All pricing for the Dive Charter reflects the boat minimum. Please remember it is not necessary to tip our Mates or Deckhands as our pricing includes all tips and gratuity.

Fossil Dive Charter

Fossil Diving

* Due to the rising costs of fuel and commercial insurance we are being forced to go to flat rate pricing for our trips. Since It costs us the same amount to run the boat whether we have 2 or 4 people on board we will not be able to discount for less than four people per trip. . We appreciate your understanding and will try to arrange to add people to your trip and divide the cost evenly between the number of people – up to a maximum of six passengers.

* What to bring:

Please bring your C-card or scuba diving certificate. You may also bring snacks or food in a small cooler, beer is fine for after the dives as long as its in a can (no glass please). You are more than welcome to bring towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, and cameras. 

* What not to bring:

Please leave handheld gps and expensive valuables at home. We welcome bananas aboard the “Paddy Wagon”  




Dive Charter


* Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations 4 weeks prior or more to a reserved trip are 100%

refundable, Any cancellation under 48 hours are subject to a lost deposit, however

Captain Rick will make every effort to fill the boat and, if successful, will refund your

entire deposit. The Captain will determine whether a cancellation is needed due to weather.

If the Captain decides to cancel the trip, the charter will be rescheduled. The Captain

will cancel all trips when rough seas and high winds are forecast, and when small craft

advisories are in effect. In the unlikely event we must cancel the charter due to weather

or boat mechanical problems we will issue refunds of your reservation or deposit.

You also will have the choice to re-schedule to another AVAILABLE day.