About Captain Rick

Captain Rick Warren LOVES to Fish and Scuba Dive.  

Nature and Science has been Captain Rick’s passion from a young age.  In 2008, Captain Rick began his first of many Scuba certifications. By 2011 had completed the Advanced, Rescue Diver, and Dive Master Certifications from The National Association of Underwater Instructors “NAUI”. With well over a 1000 hours and 1000 dives under his belt, Captain Rick is an accomplished diver that enjoys taking others out to experience an unforgettable underwater adventure!

As a kid, Captain Rick fished in just about any body of water he could whether it be salt or fresh. Pursuing his childhood passion, Captain Rick graduated The Captain School in 2010. As a result, the U.S Coast Guard awarded Captain Rick his “25 Ton Masters” licenses. 

Whether it’s interesting fish facts on habitat and diet or to how to prepare your catch for a meal, Capt Rick loves sharing his passion with others.  Captain Rick believes as Arnold J Toynbe said, “The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.”

Captain Rick is married, has two boys, and a baby girl on the way. As a result, he understands how to be patient and make fishing fun for children of all ages. “You have to fish at their level, and keep them active and involved”  He is the oldest of five siblings.